A brief history...

In 1282, Leba was located approximately two kilometres from what is now the mouth of the Leba River. Due to the fact that it was located at the Lebsko Lake at the Baltic Sea, it naturally became a fishing port as well as a popular place for purchasing wood. It also became a Polish fief while the Thirteen Years’ War was going on in 1454.

By 1772, Leba was officially incorporated into Prussia. A large port was constructed, resulting in a 34 metre wide channel between Leba lake and the Baltic Sea. German bohemiens flocked to this area proceeding World War I due to the beautiful landscape and scenery. A number of popular painters and artists, including Max Pechstein, visited this area frequently.

In March of 1945, just before World War II came to an end, the Red Army took over the region. The town was built up with Farther Pomerania, and the Nazis were replaced with Poles.


Attractions & Enterteinment

You will find that there are many fun and exciting commercial attractions that the town of Leba has to offer, and it’s important you know what they are when planning your trip. When you visit this area, you will never have to struggle to find something fun to do.

Leba Park

Leba Park, which is also known as Dino Park, is an amazingly beautiful area that can offer unforgettable experiences for the whole family. You will be able to rent water rafts for a wet and wild adventure, and there are also craft workshops where you can paint with sand and create Indian amulets. There is even an Indian village that will bring the Wild West to life right before your eyes.

Power Park

Power Park is a truly one of a kind theme park that offers many fun and exciting attractions for the whole family. There are 3 Go-Karts, Rope Park with six different routes, Swing Jump, Climbing Wall, Paintball field, Tor Off-Road, Quad Track for Children, playground for children, Shooting range and catering facilities. When you visit this theme park, you should be able to find a number of fun things to do no matter what. This theme park even has stag and hen parties.

Discovery Park

When you are looking for a really fun time in Leba, you will want to head to Discovery Park. This area has many fun things to see and do, including huge trampolines and Lebskie Klock Lego World, which will be sure to bring your children hours of enjoyment. Some of the other popular attractions in Discovery Park include Race Horse, River Adventure, Bumper Cars and Bumper Boats. This is the perfect place to visit if you have travelled to Leba with children of any age.

Golf Park

Adventure Golf Park is a relatively new attraction in Leba, and it is the perfect place for adults and children to have fun. This miniature golf park offers a variety of tracks with many different obstacles around every turn. One of the best things about this miniature golf park is that it is ideal for both novices and more experienced players. There are information boards next to each track that display two unique ways to get your ball in the hole at the end. With a total of twelve unique tracks, it is a great way to spend an afternoon in this area.

Labirynt Park

Labyrint Park will provide you with all of the fun and adventure you can handle. There are a number of amazing attractions for all members of the family. There is a small educational maze, an arcade, amazing food and drink, and much more. This place is home to the only 3D maze in Poland.

Natural Attractions

There are lots of beautiful and interesting natural attractions in Leba as well. If you are planning on visiting this region, you won’t want to miss out on all of its idyllic landscape before travelling back home.

Lacka Dune

Located in Szlak Czerwony, Leba, Lacka Dune is an extremely popular natural attraction because of its incredible beauty. Climbing the dunes can be quite a challenge, but it’s well worth it when you finally reach the top. Cradled against the breathtaking Baltic Sea, these dunes will provide you with an amazing view of Rowokol Hill. This is a great attraction to visit, whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

Sandy Beaches

You simply cannot visit Leba without seeing some of its picturesque sandy beaches. There is Beach A, which is located in a very central location in this area. There are plenty of restaurants, stalls and nice little shops that you can visit while you are there. Beach B is located farther from the center of Leba, though there is plenty of parking and so much to do. There is a trampoline, volleyball court, slide, playground and much more. Beach C is very tranquil and the perfect place to go if you are looking for idyllic beauty and privacy.

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City of possibilities. Doesn't matter if you like to relax or explore. Everyone will find something to have fun.